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Dubsquared is one of the oldest independent Volkswagen and Audi shops in the DFW area.

Dubsquared offers full repair, performance, and maintenance services on all 2004 and newer Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. We employ factory trained technicians with decades of combined experience ready to take on any job. We work exclusively on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles and that has allowed us to build extensive knowledge over the years specific to these models.

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Our Story

To learn more about our humble beginnings let's go all the way back to the mid-2000s...

Around 2005, two friends and fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts, Billy Tylaska and Jeff Key, pooled their resources in order to aquire a space to work on their individual project cars. The first shop space was a respectable single bay unit that allowed the guys to do what they did best. They made cool VWs go fast, making more power than many thought possible at the time. Neither man was a stranger when it came to tinkering and experimentation with fast Volkswagens and having a dedicated shop to work out of meant endless possibilities existed.

Billy was constantly chasing the horsepower dragon, pushing into the unknown and uncharted. Known as '1.BillyT' in early online forums such as VWVortex and VdubAddiction, fellow enthusiasts followed his journey to an eventual 420whp and 10 second quarter mile.

Billy's canvas of choice was a MKIV VW Golf 1.8T weighing in at 4 doors and 4 cylinders, all on a 5-Speed Manual FWD platform. It was one of the quickest water cooled cars of it's time, known for breaking record after record in it's class.

BillyT VR6 GTI

Jeff was more than familar with Volkswagens, already having been a Master Certified Volkswagen technician with Autobahn Volkswagen for many years prior. This factory training and dealership experience meant he could bring his tools, contacts, and mechanical skills to the partnernship.

In April 2005, disaster struck for Billy's Golf. He stated online:

Happened at 35psi, second gear, just as peak boost hit. Either the rod let go, or the rod bolts let go. I had been driving the car all week at 23-24 psi, even seeing 30 a couple of times, and it was fine, pulled hard... but as soon as she saw 35psi again... boom!

Billy parted out the 1.8T and soon found a new project in a MKII GTI body he aquired. It just so happened that Jeff had in his possession a built VR6 engine coupled with a massive turbo, that looked like it 'might' fit in the MK2. They each had a compliment of components to make some serious power, one a drivetrain in good condition, the other a useable body and bones. Skills were combined, ideas were brainstormed, limits were pushed, naysayers were ignored, and thus was born the Dubsquared MK2. A turbocharged VR6 was shoehorned into an early 90s GTI making 700hp+ at the wheels. This combo was effective enough for a respectable 10.39s 1/4 mile at Texas Motorplex.

As the MK2 continued to generate buzz and interest at the track, friends and other enthusiasts begain asking the guys for help with their own VW and Audi projects. Jeff and Billy quickly realized their hobby was becoming a full fledged business and no longer just a place for tinkering with their own toys. Recognizing that there was a gap in the DFW market for an honest and reliable independent VW/Audi shop, the guys slowly began to take on more customer work. Originally the shop was only open on weekends and advertising was done soley via word of mouth.

Life circumstances forced Jeff and Billy to part ways around 2008 and this brought some big changes to Dubsquared. Philip Wight, a co-worker to Jeff and fellow technician at Autobahn Volkswagen, saw something special in what the guys had already established with Dubsquared and decided to buy the shop. With Philip as the new full time owner, more time could be dedicated to growing the shop beyond just hobbies and friends. The shop was opened for regular business weekday hours and eventually more technicians were hired as the shop's growth exploded.

In 2009 Dubsquared was involved in the building of a VR6 MK3 GTI owned by Jeremy that would work it's way into the record books. They still planned on going in a straight line, however, the goal of this build was very different from previous projects that came through the shop. Jeremy was going to the Texas Mile and he really wanted to break some speed records. Dubsquared provided fabrication for the GTI and also installed a Motec engine management system for the VR6, with tuning performed by Tony Palo at T1 Racing. This combination was good for an eventual 205mph in the standing mile, a record breaking run that still stands to this day.

By the year 2010 the shop was running out of space in it's small facility on Colorado Lane. An opportunity for growth was siezed upon when a bigger space opened up just across the street. With 7 bays and a small dedicated fabrication area, the shop pushed into new areas and quickly became the go to performance shop in the DFW area. It was around this time that Tyler Stookesberry joined the team. Tyler's previous experience as an Automotive Electrical Specialist helped bring new talent to the team. He quickly became an important core team member with his contributions and dedication shaping the direction of the shop for the next decade. Over the years he has become a skilled fabricator adept at solving any problem that comes his way.

Another important addition was made to the team in 2016 when Brandon Eichler was hired on. What he brought with him was 13 years of dealership experience, first as a Volkswagen Master Technician and then an Audi Technician.

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