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We possess the skill and experience necessary to serve as your full-service auto shop. We strive to provide Audi and Volkswagen owners the highest quality services and customer care in the area.

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Here are just a few of the many automotive services we provide to Audi and Volkswagen owners...

Oil Changes

Keeping the engine in your car well-lubricated with clean oil is vital to its performance and longevity. Dubsquared offers quick and easy oil changes using only the highest quality oil and filters.

At each oil change we top-off all regular fluids and take a quick glance under the hood to check for any additional preventative maintenance services you might need. Our goal is to keep your car at optimal performance for years to come.

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Factory Maintenance

Dubsquared provides comprehensive automotive maintenance and tune-ups to keep your Volkswagen or Audi running smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance is critical to the longevity of your vehicle.

Typical maintenance items include engine air filter, cabin/pollen filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, DSG service, differential service, brake fluid flush, and more.

Each vehicle has specific maintenance needs according to manufacturer guidelines. We're here to help keep your vehicle up to date with these factory recommended maintenance intervals.

Not sure what the intervals are for your vehicle? Get in touch and we'll happily assist.


Dubsquared offers state-of-the-art diagnostics services to get to the root of the problem so we can perform your Volkswagen or Audi repair quickly, efficiently, and right the first time.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our management and professional technicians are well qualified to diagnose and solve any problem you might have.

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Our current diagnostic fee is $130/hr with a minimum of 1 hour required. If repairs based on the diagnosis are authorized and performed within 30 days, then the diagnostic fee will be credited towards the price of recommended repairs.

If you're looking to dive in on your own, we use and can recommend the VCDS Scan Tool and Software by Ross-Tech for all Volkswagen and Audi diagnostic needs.

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Performance Upgrades

Dubsquared carries a wide variety of Volkswagen and Audi performance parts from industry-leading brands. We have the skill and experience necessary to assist you in finding the right part you need at the right price.

We're an authorized dealer for APR and 034 Motorsport and offer their hardware + ECU / TCU flashes to unlock hidden performance in your vehicle. We also offer installation of lowering springs, coilovers, upgraded turbos, and many other performance hardware.

Dubsquared is staffed by lifelong Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts who are passionate about performance, quality parts, and attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will work hard to get you exactly what you want.

Get in touch and we'll help you unlock some hidden fun in your vehicle.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Considering purchasing a used Volkswagen or Audi? We offer pre-purchase inspections that provide you with a full and unbiased overview of the vehicle's condition + any needed repairs.

We recommend a full inspection be performed by a party independent of the seller before any used vehicle purchase. Dubsquared offers this service for a flat fee of $130.

You'll receive a full report with pictures, notes on what was found, and a full vehicle fault scan. Clients typically use this report as leverage in purchase negotiations or to plan for future repairs.

The vehicle will need to be brought to our shop but most reputable used car dealers and individual sellers will allow third party inspections before purchase.

Schedule a pre-purchase inspection with Dubsquared so you don't get stuck with a 🍋.